the students
in a program of

Chamber, Choral & Orchestral Music

2:00 PM on July 26, 2015, St. Mary Magdalene


We Gather Here Together16th Century German Madrigal
Excerpt from the 7th Symphonymusic: Beethoven words: Pete Seeger
I Know a Placewords and music by Bob Marley
Cantate DominoHans Leo Hassler

Chamber Groups

Haydn op. 77 no. 1
  Allegro moderato
   Margaret Ellman
Sarah Couillard
Kate Schneider
Dale Yoon Ho Jeong
Glazunav op. 15 "5 Novelettes"
  Alla Spagnola
   Andrea Ramos
Clara Sismondo
Naomi Dumas
Ben Bond
Beethoven op. 18 no. 1
  Allegro con brio
   Jessica Folson
Alan Gu
Duncan McDougall
Dale Yoon Ho Jeong
Beethoven op. 18 no. 1
  Affetuoso ed appassionato
   Veda Hingert-McDonald
Brianna Berman
Maya Joy Parkins-Lindstrom
Logan Valkyre
Mendelssohn op. 12
   Grace Speller
Kay Tozawa
Charlotte Hill
Olivia Bond
Schumann Piano Quartet op. 47
  Andante Cantabile
   Diogo Schaffa
Maya Joy Parkins-Lindstrom
Noah Goldmann
Ivy Mu
Shostakovich #5
  Allegro non troppo
   Kate Schneider
Maia Chua
Gabriele Thielmann
Julia Tortorello-Allen
Faure Piano Quartet op. 15
  Allegro molto moderato
   Toby Winarto
Shelby Crisp
Dylan Cook
Charlotte Hill

* * * * * Intermission * * * * *


Don't Stop Believing  Words and music by S. Perry, N. Schon, and J. Cain, orchestrated by C. Eastburn

Chamber Groups

Anger Blues from Oaktown
   Chris Eastburn
Zoe Santo
Grace Speller
Noah Goldmann
Shostakovich Trio op. 67
   Peter Wowk
Raymond Wieser
Alexander Berghausen
Schubert Piano Trio #1
  Allegretto moderato
   Angela Villaluna
Liam Briggs
Yusuke Imamura
Debussy Piano Trio
  Finale - Appassionato
   Duncan McDougall
Luis Ángel Ballesteros Apodaca
Tatyana Palmer
Schumann Piano Quintet
  Allegro Brillante
   Elise Greidanus
Mary Ellen Abberger
Toby Winarto
Katherine DeSousa
Matthew Stubbs
Debussy String Quartet
  Anime et tres decide
   Claire Folson
Zoe Santo
Peter Wowk
Dylan Cook


Simple Symphony
  Boisterous Bouree
Benjamin Britten
Serenade op. 22 in E major
Allegro - Finale
Bill Rowson

Parting Song

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
Cat Stevens